Winding up our series on “The Rocky Road – Dealing with Life’s Challenges,” Rev. Sydney reminds us that we are all heroes in our own life stories. Our strength to weather life’s difficulties comes from our connection to Source and a willingness to see our challenges as a call to awakening and a further step on the path to enlightenment.

Using the image of the phoenix rising from the ashes, Jeanie points out that the difficulties that put us through the “fire” also transform and potentially enrich us. As the phoenix chooses to die and be reborn, so can we willingly face life’s difficulties, knowing there is new life at the other end.

We were thrilled to have Heidi Pollyea join us at One World this week. Enjoy this talented singer/songwriter’s performance of her original composition “Toccoa River”.

Heidi wrote this song after a tubing experience where she noticed that all the people trying to steer their tubes against the natural flow of the river would get stuck in eddies, roughs, and rocks.  Instead of continuing to fight the current, she decided to let go and let the river guide her. Surprise! Her tubing adventure became an easier, more fun experience.

Are you paddling upstream and struggling to row it alone in the river of life? Or do you allow the river to carry you? It’s your choice. Get in the flow!