A Message From Melanie

June 4, 2022


I hope you had the chance to join us for our Summer Picnic, which was today at 1 at Morgan Falls Overlook Park. When our days are so busy and we get as distracted as we can get, we forget the simple joy of gathering with friends to reconnect. If you missed this one, we hope you can make our next one!

This week my talk focuses on doubt – on the feeling we all get that perhaps no one is really listening when we bring our concerns to Spirit. We do it anyway (just in case!) but, if you’re like me, sometimes you wonder if you’re talking to yourself. This can be especially true when we really need an answer; when the circumstances of our lives threaten to overwhelm.

How do you deal with these times? You’ll be glad to know you’re in good company – many names we associate with deep spirituality have felt isolated and unheard at times. Doubt is not a feeling to avoid, but a journey to walk – fully and unafraid. It can lead us to a deeper awakening of what we believe and, even more, what we know to be true.

Love to all,


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