A Message From Melanie

June 18, 2022


What a week. As our country heads into a cycle of uncertainty, division, and upheaval in the light of Friday’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, let’s take a moment to breathe and center ourselves.  Emotions are high for millions around our country, and in our community. I also know that, for me, now is the time to remember and practice the spiritual principles that have seen me through to the present. Each of us has our own toolbox and our own “go to” practices. What sees you through challenging times?

Whether your focus is on this week’s events or not, we all face challenges in our lives. It’s a good idea every now and then to take some time, sit and breathe, and remind ourselves what helps us through. As the Stoic Epictetus reminds us, “Every event has two handles –  one by which it can be carried, and one by which it can’t. If your brother does you wrong, don’t grab it by his wronging, because this is the handle incapable of lifting it. Instead, use the other—that he is your brother, that you were raised together, and then you will have hold of the handle that carries.”

A good question – whatever your challenge, how do you pick the handle that lets you carry it?

Love to all,


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