A Message From Melanie

July 2, 2022


We’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend.

As I was walking my dogs in a nearby neighborhood today, I was struck by the fact that this July 4th weekend is so different. I saw no flags, no decorations – no sign at all that it was the weekend in which we traditionally celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. So many this year are beset by worry over the course of our country and fear for our collective future.

However, this weekend can be a time to celebrate our aspirations – for equality, for justice, and, yes, for freedom. This weekend can be a reminder of the work yet to do which so needs our hands, our voices, and our hearts. We can honor those heroes of the past who have made such a difference, even though the work is not complete and never will be. Freedom – whether it be political, economic or spiritual – is always a goal toward which we work and, once achieved, must continually be won again, and again. This moment needs us now, more than ever.

So, have a good weekend. Celebrate our independence, celebrate our hopes. Get some rest – we need you!

Love to all,


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