A Message From Melanie

March 5, 2022

Many thanks to Michael Roussell for leading a wonderful discussion on Andy Weir’s The Egg during our “Bookworm Wednesday” last week. If you are interested in facilitating one of our Wednesday discussions, or have a topic you’d like to see explored, please let Rev. Melanie know!

This week our attention remains on the violence and war in Ukraine, and our prayers continue to go out to all those who are victimized by Russian aggression. Whatever we can do to help those in Ukraine, and to minimize the death and injury and bring peace, let us do.

While we witness so much destruction and loss, we also see and give thanks for those many people and organizations who have stepped up to alleviate suffering and to provide comfort and shelter.  I’d like to share with you a breath prayer, a prayer so short it can be repeated on the inbreath or the outbreath, by Pamela Grenfell Smith that is so appropriate to our times. It’s one we can say throughout the day: Strengthen the hands of those who work for peace.

The season of Lent we have just entered reminds us that transformation and renewal are always possible, even in a world which so often leads us to despair. For those who follow the Christian calendar and tradition, we have just entered a period of forty days of reflection and contemplation, and I can’t think of a better season to turn our minds and hearts to peace. Salaam, Shalom, Peace.

Thank you.

You will find Sunday Maarch 6th service, Stop Trying, here.

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