A Message From Melanie

April 30, 2022

Welcome, and I hope your week has been going well. I’d like to give many thanks to those who have jumped in to plan and conduct our Sunday gatherings while I’ve been out of town – many thanks to Rev. Chris Kell, Judy Toensmeier, and Michael Roussell!

I’ve been enjoying a week out of town, and it’s led me to reflect on the healing power of taking time away. We traveled to Washington D.C., and have spent time visiting with my wife’s work colleagues, many of whom live in this area. When they ask us what we’re doing during the day, the frequent answer is “nothing.” We are simply taking time away from a daily life which is often overwhelmingly busy. Do I feel nonproductive? No, and if I actually am nonproductive that’s just fine. Whatever the circumstances of our lives, we need time away to gain perspective and to rest and recharge. Slowing our pace opens our eyes to the beauty around us (the azaleas here are lovely!) and helps us reconnect with those important to us. Time away – a day, a week – is truly a gift to ourselves.

I’m looking forward to Dr. Michael Scimeca’s talk tomorrow on “Deep Healing,” as I reflect on the many ways we can take affirmative steps to bring healing into our own lives.

Thank you.

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