A Message From Melanie

February 26, 2022

This week all our hearts are heavy as we read the news coming from Ukraine. Let us continue to pray for peace and work for peace in the coming days, doing what we can. Violence and brutality such as is happening there confirms for us what a need there is for people of good will to keep the vision of Beloved Community alive, and work toward it. Let us be those people.
I also had cause to reflect this week how absolutely fortunate I have been to have lived in peace all my years. Perhaps you feel the same. I have never been forced from my home by guns, bombs, or privation. I haven’t gone hungry, or watched my children suffer due to violence, war, deprivation or want. As I get older, I realize more acutely the gift I have been given, and the obligation to give it back to others in need. I feel more acutely that we all are so connected, and the pain others feel, even if we will never meet them, does not leave us untouched.
Let us continue to pray, and work, for peace.

Despite the heartbreaking news coming from around the world, we do have cause to celebrate here at home. For the first time in our country’s history, an African-American woman has been nominated to sit on our highest court. What a fitting event to close out Black History Month, and many congratulations to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. This is a long time coming, but I am reminded of Dr. King’s injunction that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” We celebrate this moment.
Many thanks this week to Rev. Chris Kell, who is leading us tomorrow in a celebration service honoring the Black Church in America as we close Black History Month. I look forward to our gathering tomorrow, and hope to see you there. There is an Order of Service it may help you to have during the service, and the link is below in her announcement. See you tomorrow! In addition, one reminder – if you have any prayer requests, send them to me by email, text or phone (678-214-6938) and I’ll include them in our prayer time. You can also put them in the chat on Facebook or Youtube during the early part of the service, and we’ll include them.

Thank you.

You will find Sunday February 27th service, Celebrating the Black Church, here.

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