In Loving Memory of Joan McCall

Joan McCall was a beloved member of One World since our inception. She tirelessly led our Children’s outreach program for many years, volunteered regularly and never ceased to make us chuckle.

We love you, Joan! You will be missed.

CRN Volunteer Outreach

One World congregants have donated and volunteered for Children’s Restoration Network drives for many years now. We are blessed to have such a caring and generous congregation; and are grateful for the opportunity to serve together in support of this important work.

Click here to learn more about CRN’s Back to School campaign.

Children’s Restoration Network is a non-profit agency that has served homeless children and mothers in Atlanta for more than 25 years.

Valentine’s Brunch

We love our Valentine’s brunches. Good food. Great jazz! And wonderful company to start off the morning before Rev. Melanie’s talk.