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This week, Muslims worldwide celebrated Eid al-Adha, or the Festival of Sacrifice. This holiday commemorates the story of the prophet Ibrahim, visited by Allah in a dream and asked to sacrifice his son Ismail as a sign of his devotion to Allah. He nearly does so, only to be stopped at the last minute with

Living The Seasons

Our question this month is, “Where am I going?” Last week we looked at the ultimate question – where are we going at death? This week, we shift our focus to look at our journey through our years and seasons. Sister Joan Chittister writes that “life is made up of the turning of the years.”

You Can Do That!

As we study the wisdom of teachers and sages through the centuries, we see that many caution against the same very common misstep many of us make. That trap involves confusing illusion with reality, appearances with truth. We all do it, individually and collectively. Why does this matter? Because illusion leads us to pain and