What Makes A Hero?

On May 28 our country celebrated Memorial Day, a day we honor courage, selflessness and sacrifice. On that day we honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for us in our country’s wars. The VA gives a number of over 650,000 U.S. soldiers, sailors and airmen killed in battle over the

Where Compassion Takes Us

  We were so grateful on Sunday to have with us Leanne Rubenstein, Executive Director of Compassionate Atlanta. She spoke about her organization’s goals of promoting the spread of a consciousness  of compassion in the Atlanta area, and what that might look like for us. In 2008, author and teacher Karen Armstrong was awarded the TED

How Shall We Live?

How, Then, Shall We Live? by Wayne Muller

The question we are exploring the month of May is: “How shall we live?” This is one of five ‘great questions’ that the world’s enduring faith traditions all explore. It’s a fundamental question we all ask: how do we focus on celebrating the time that is given to us? We may think this question is

No Limits!

I was so glad to share the platform on Sunday with Jeanie Ward, who in years past has given some wonderful talks at One World on how we can truly live with no limits. How have you been living? Do you feel powerful, connected and complete, able to step into your gifts with no holding