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The Second Half of Life ~ Rev. Melanie Eyre

As we explore a new way of looking at our life’s journey, we take a look at the idea that the wisdom and peace we seek are largely found in the second half of our lives. If simply increasing age doesn’t get us there, what does?

Talk starts at 19:35
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A transcript of this week’s talk is provided below for the Deaf and hard of hearing.
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Staying Connected with Our Deepest Selves Inwardly and in Community ~ Rev. Darby Christopher

When we aren’t in touch with the truths that lie within — things like our own greed, racism, gifts, talents and brilliance — we suffer disconnection with ourselves and others. Owning our deepest truths inwardly and in community is a road to joy and connection, leading to a feeling of belonging to ourselves, to others, and to life itself.

Talk starts at 18:20
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What’s in Your Spiritual Toolbox ~ Rev. Chris Kell

We hear a lot of talk about spiritual tools boxes, especially now when we need all the help we can get to make it through these troubling times. But what is that question really asking? What tools do we carry in our spiritual toolbox, and how do we use them? And, is there anything in there to help us navigate the upcoming months? Let’s give this some thought and see what we come up with.

Talk starts at 17:55
KIDS PROGRAM ~ Sundays at 10:30am via Zoom – Contact us to register

*Talk transcription for the Deaf and hard of hearing available below.