In recent weeks the world has again become a scarier place – we again witness terrorist attacks resulting in death, disruption and fear. It’s in times like this our gratitude practices help us remember the truth we know – that love, compassion, and peace are the powers that sustain us and that ultimately prevail. Gratitude is the first step in opening our hearts to this truth, even in challenging times.


Rev. Sydney’s message focuses on expressing appreciation with meaning, using the tools of nonviolent communication. How do you turn a comment such as “Good job!” into an expression of detailed appreciation that lets the listener know what his or her effort meant to you? Learn how expressing appreciation more deeply can create meaningful connection in your life!

Finishing our October series on abundance, Rev. Melanie explores those wisdom teachings that help us care for and share the abundance we receive from Spirit. Our gifts include so many blessings – health, friends, good work, opportunities to serve. Let’s discuss how we can serve as loving stewards of all we have received!

Enjoy Jeanie as she explores the truth that giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. When we give joyfully, freely and unconditionally, from the heart, the energy behind our giving increases many times over, and we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our life and in the lives of all. We are blessed as we give with a grateful heart!
Give yourself a gift and watch!

As we continue our series on the abundance that surrounds us, Rev. Melanie explores the spiritual principles that help us recognize and celebrate this truth. What attracts this abundance into manifestation? Doing what we love, sharing our gifts with the world will bring support into our lives we could not have anticipated. Enjoy!