Part 2: Awakening Our Divine Potential by Rev. Sydney Magill-Lindquist

Part of the process of discovering our divine potential is recognizing our beliefs that are blocking our ability to be a success in life. It was Socrates who said “an unexamined life is not worth living.” It takes courage to look at our belief systems and risk making changes in what we believe about ourselves and our place in the world.

Talking to people this week I found that people go about making changes in many different ways. For some it can be a sudden recognition which can be a shock to the body and mind. For others it can be a slow evolution as they recognize that they need to make changes in their attitudes. For others they can resist the change and even get angry at themselves or others as they try to defend what is obviously not working in their lives. One of the stories I told last Sunday has evidently touched many people because I keep hearing them repeat it back to me.

To make changes in our attitudes and deeply held beliefs we can study for ourselves, get therapy, or even join a support group. I was in the business world as an outside sales rep when I took a workshop called The Competitive Edge. Afterward I was fortunate to get involved with a support group that met weekly to continue practicing and implementing the principles we learned in the workshop. Our group lasted over 2 years after the initial training.

At one of these support meetings we had about twelve people. We would state what principle we were working on and then each member of the group would individually support that person and their request as we went around the circle.

At this particular meeting a man stated that he had the challenge with being obnoxious – It just seemed to pop out of him. He asked us to tell him when he was obnoxious so he could make efforts to change his behavior.

The first person in the circle began. “I hear your request and I honor what you are working on and I will not tell you when you are becoming obnoxious.” The man looked absolutely dumb founded. It had been stated so lovingly and supportively and he was not getting what he expected. One by one each person in the circle repeated the same words. “I hear your request and I honor what you are working on and I will not tell you when you are becoming obnoxious.”

I watched as the man went from confusion, became red in the face and then slowly began to move into bewilderment. Everyone was so supportive yet would not cooperate with his request. By the time he got around to me he was crying softly – yet he stayed in his chair.

Just about ¾ of the way around the circle I saw the light dawn in his eyes.

He stopped the next person and quietly asked, “would you support me in MY realizing when I become obnoxious?” As a group we all answered YES!

If you are ready to make shifts in your life, to uncover and change what is blocking your success, I have two books to recommend. The first is Finding Yourself In Transition by Robert Brummet. Rev. Brummet was one of my teachers in seminary and his book describes what we go through and risk to make changes in our lives. Sometimes we choose to make these changes and sometimes they are thrust upon us. Having an understanding of the process can make it easier to move through.

The other book is the basis for the two talks I did on Discovering Your Divine Potential. That book is Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss. In it she shows the different archetypes we use in dealing with life. These archetypes can be used positively or negatively. In my talk I mentioned four of them. In the book she describes sixty eight different types.

Life is for living successfully. Surround yourself with positive supportive people. Let them be there for you to create the life you want to live. Happy, joyful, and peaceful. Have a Blessed week.

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