Do You Have Time To Walk The Beauty Way?

In his wonderful book Openings, Rev. Larry Peacock tells the story of a traveler to Ireland, who while driving along the small country roads became lost. She stopped her car and asked an elderly gentleman on the road “Do you know the way to Kildare?“ The old man bent down, looked in the window at the traveler, and in a thick Irish accent said “Do you have the time to go the beauty way?”

Do you take the time to go the beauty way? To stop, see the miracles along your path, enjoy the beauty before you?

Sometimes, the need to get to our destination will simply prevent us from gathering the wisdom and beauty from the journey. Don’t bypass the wonders of your day, the gifts you are given, by rushing past them, worrying about what is to come and what you need to get done. Slow down, breathe, smile, look around in gratitude. You’ll be amazed at how this simple practice will transform your day!

What do you do to slow down and see the everyday miracles in your world? To treasure those around you, notice the small moments that might otherwise escape your attention. Do you have any practices or habits that work for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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