“How Your Chiron Can Help You Find Your Purpose In Life”

“How Your Chiron can Help You Find Your Purpose in Life”

While healing can sometimes occur instantly in a moment of divine intervention, most often that is not the path you must travel to recover from difficult and painful experiences in your life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a mystical moment along the way! Let’s look at some tools for opening to the profound experiences of healing you sometimes hear others talk about.

Speaker: Asha Lightbearer

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Opening Prayer

In a Sacred Manner

Creator of all that exists, hear our prayer. As the new day dawns let all people begin anew to walk the good road of life. May we forget our differences; may we remember our likenesses. Let us hear what we have not heard; let us see what we have not seen. You are the Spark of the universe, the Oneness of all life. In such a way may we be blessed, blessed in a sacred manner.

~ Native American tradition

Community Prayer

A Blessing

As we have been blessed, so we bless one another. Breathe in, breathe out, this breath we share with all that breathes. Feel the love of the universe flowing through you, into you, and out into the universe again. Let the love of all the universe—your love—flow outward, to its height, its depth, its broad extent. You are more than you know, and more beloved than you know. Take up what power is yours to create safe haven, to make of earth a heaven. Give hope to those you encounter, that they may know safety from inner and outer harm, be happy and at peace, healthy and strong, caring and joyful. Be the blessing you already are. That is enough. Blessed Be. Amen.

~ adapted from the Karaniya Metta Sutta (Sunna Nipata 1.8) of the Pali Canon

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Talk Transcript ~ No transcript today. However, we invite you to listen to Asha’s talk here.

Chiron astrological symbol

To learn more about “Chiron” go here.

About Asha Lightbearer

Asha Lightbearer has been writing music and performing since the age of six. She holds a Music degree in Jazz Studies and has won numerous awards over the years for both vocals and songwriting, including an Honorable Mention at the 8th Annual Posi-Music Awards in 2013 for her song “Love Knows the Way“. At One World, Asha aims to bring positive popular music to the sacred scene, including classics, hidden gems and originals from a variety of genres: jazz, pop, rock, folk and more.

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I have a friend, a chemotherapy nurse in a children’s cancer ward, whose job it is to pray for any available vein in an often emaciated arm to give infusions of chemicals that sometimes last as long as twelve hours and which are often quite discomforting to the child. He is probably the greatest pain giver the children meet in their stay in the hospital. Because he has worked so much with his own pain, his heart is very open. He works with his responsibilities in the hospital as a “laying on of hands with love and acceptance.” There is little in him that causes him to withdraw, that reinforces the painfulness of the experience for the children. He is a warm, open space which encourages them to trust whatever they feel. And it is he whom the children most often ask for at the time they are dying. Although he is the main pain-giver, he is also the main love-giver.

Ram Das and Paul Gorman: How Can I Help? (pp. 86-87). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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Blessing to the World written by Karen Drucker

Goodbye Darkness written by Asha Lightbearer

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This service aired on October 10, 2021

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