Let’s Thrive Not Just Survive by Sydney Magill-Lindquist

As we approach this topic this week, we look at how and what we are committed to. Based on the book The Ten Commitments by Dr. David Simon he describes how we use our ability to take our intentions and translate them into great choices in life. As Dr. Simon says “Commitment is the ultimate assertion of human freedom. It enables you to take quantum leaps in creativity, which opens the possibility for new dimensions of awareness.”

So what are these commitments?

The 10 Commitments

  1. I Commit to Freedom
  2. I Commit to Authenticity
  3. I Commit to Acceptance
  4. I Commit to Relax
  5. I Commit to Wholeness
  6. I Commit to Forgiveness
  7. I Commit to Love
  8. I Commit to Abundance
  9. I Commit to Truth
  10. I Commit to Peace

In discussions with congregants this week, we have found that many have found challenges with some of these commitments. Surprisingly several have found the commitment to relax to be the most challenging. Whether it is through previous programming in our childhood that we must constantly be working or that in today’s world of the nonstop need to be in connection with each other, it has been a challenge for us to take time to either meditate or simply to disconnect and relax.

Another challenge seems to be the commitment to abundance. Can we be spiritual and also be abundant in life? This presents a challenge to many people. Several have come from childhoods where lack was often present. To be abundant can also mean an awareness that there is always enough. For some people, no matter how much money they have it is never enough. For others there is an awareness that no matter what is in their checkbook, there is always enough to go around. I am reminded of the Biblical stories of Jesus, always thanking God in advance of any evidence that there would be enough food to feed the crowds that gathered to see him. Somehow there always was more than enough to go around. Jesus saw the world abundantly.

The way to apply these principles, according to Dr. Simon, is to take one and use it for a day. If that works then use it for a week. If that works then use it for a month or until you are using it and not even having to think about using it. When we have incorporated the commitment in our lives then move on to the next one. Taking each one individually keeps us focused, like a laser. The goal is to fulfill these principles so they become a daily reality for us.

If you want to change your world then Dr. Simon’s process is a wonderful way to do it.

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Author: Sydney Magill Lindquist, Retired Unity Minister

Director, One World Prayer Ministry

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