Morning Meditation, April 10, 2020

Morning Meditation, April 10, 2020

Our readings this morning came from Donna Schaper’s Prayers for People Who Say They Can’t Pray:

If obstacles are everywhere, cornering us and caging us, let us remove one obstacle at a time. Just one. Let us remove it with vigor and then be glad it is gone. Let us have a ritual of personal congratulation that at least we managed that web site or filled out that form or stuck it out through that 800 number that wasn’t answering. Let us be those who roll the stones away.


God beyond God, you who refuse to worry, help me to change my ways and to pray instead of worry. Don’t let me worry if I am praying right. Just let me pray.

Don’t let the future scare me so much. Let me remember that I will not always tend the things I tend today. Let me know that someday others will tend them. Let me tend what I tend the best I can today and let the future tend itself.

Teach us to covet enough difficulty in our lives that we can become fearless or at least less fearful. Remind us how many people find excellence on the route of their troubles overcome. Amen.

Enjoy this lovingkindness meditation, and have a wonderful day!

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