Morning Meditation, June 24, 2020

Morning Meditation, June 24, 2020
Enjoy today’s meditation, accompanied by prayers of gratitude and intention. Have a wonderful day!

From Brother David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B.:

You, the one
From whom on different paths
All of us have come.

To whom on different paths
All of us are going.
Make strong in our hearts what unites us;

Build bridges across all that divides us;
United, make us rejoice in our diversity,

At one in our witness to your peace,
A rainbow of your glory. Amen

And from Rev. Max Coots:

Let us pray to the God who holds us in the hollow of his hands –
to the God who holds us in the curve of her arms –
to the God whose flesh is the flesh of hills and hummingbirds and angleworms –
whose skin is the color of an old black woman and a young white man.
and the color of the leopard and the grizzly bear and the green grass snake –
whose hair is like the aurora borealis, rainbows, nebulae, waterfalls, and a spider’s web –
whose eyes sometimes shine like the evening star, and then like fireflies, and then again like an open wound –
whose touch is both the touch of life and the touch of death –
and whose name is everyone’s, but mostly mine.
And what shall we pray? Let us say, “Thank you.”

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