"The Rubber Hits the Road" with Rev. Melanie Eyre, Sunday July 12, 2020 at 11:00. Please join our livestream by clicking the link below!

Walking Each Other Home, with Rev. Melanie Eyre
We each find our path individually, but we grow in awareness as we walk it together. This week, we discuss how we find our path, build our spiritual foundation, and awaken to the holy in our lives.

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Local Gathering & Children’s Program, Roswell, GA ~ Sundays @ 11am
FB Live Stream ~ Sundays @ 11:25am EST (http://bit.ly/OWSCFB)


Annual One World Business Meeting

We encourage all members and congregants to join us October 27 for our annual meeting. It will be held right after service. We will vote on matters concerning our community, including the election of new board members. Other topics to be discussed include finances, staffing and program planning. Please join us for this important meeting!

Thanksgiving Fellowship

One World welcomes our members, friends and family to share a Thanksgiving meal with us during our fellowship time after service this Sunday! Please join us. We would love to see you all this week as we celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Celebrating Freedom – A New Paradigm ~ Rev. Melanie Eyre

Does freedom look the same today as it did at the time of our nation’s independence? What are the elements of true freedom for you? Let’s explore what a new paradigm of freedom might look like, for our new, emerging world. CHILDREN’s PROGRAM AVAILABLE at Roswell location. LIVE STREAM AVAILABLE at 11:25 AM – Watch