What Is True Healing? 5 Practices That Can Help Us Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit

Dr. Norman Shealy writes that people often may choose habits and lifestyles that create imbalance, disharmony, and dis-ease. What are some better choices for our well-being? Tune in as we learn about practices that can help us heal in mind, body, and spirit.

Speaker: Rev. Chris Kell

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Wednesday September 1, 7:00 – 8:30 pm ET. Community Circle Zoom Meeting/Discussion. Board President and congregant Tim Rainey works at Lake Lanier and will be presenting  a talk about Lake Lanier, GA. Lake Lanier is well known for its recreational opportunities and it is the source of water for metropolitan Atlanta.  But what else does it do?  How do you “manage” a lake?  Isn’t it just water flowing into a big hole?  Learn about the multiple purposes for Lake Lanier and the intricate, complex, and sometimes delicate factors, considerations, and processes that go into “managing” a lake.  Learn about the benefits it provides, not only locally, but regionally and nationally.  And finally, learn why it is not really a “lake”. 

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