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Asha Lightbearer is a gifted intuitive who brings us her experience of nature-based spirituality, its wisdom and rewards. She also hosts the Totally Witchin’ podcast, an empowerment show for crafting a peaceful, satisfying life by helping you tap into intuition, body wisdom, and spiritual guidance. To learn more or listen to Asha’s podcast, visit TotallyWitchin.com.

“Mothers and Magic”, with Rev. Melanie Eyre
Join Rev. Melanie as she explores the power of motherhood energy – and we all have it! You might also learn a bit about Mothers’ Day you didn’t know…enjoy!

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Local Gathering & Children’s Program, Roswell, GA ~ Sundays @ 11am
FB Live Stream ~ Sundays @ 11:25am EST (http://bit.ly/OWSCFB)


Mothers and Magic ~ Mother’s Day

Join us as we continue our series on Myth and Mystery with a special Mother’s Day service celebrate the magic of birth and motherhood and the special wisdom that mothers bring to their children and the world. CHILDREN’S PROGRAM AVAILABLE at Roswell location. LIVE STREAM AVAILABLE at 11:25 AM To watch via Facebook Live, tune in to

What Our Mothers Taught Us ~ Rev. Melanie Eyre

On this Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at the lessons we learned as children that translate into the spiritual principles we practice today. Our mothers knew what life lessons would serve us in the long run – let’s take a few minutes and remember! CHILDREN’s PROGRAM available.

Making Mom Proud

It’s Mother’s Day! How do we make our mothers proud? By living lives that make our world better, kinder, and more peaceful. How do we put our values of compassion, kindness and peace into practice in a world that seems to value the opposite? Let’s take a look at some of those lessons our mothers