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About Asha

Asha Lightbearer is a gifted intuitive who brings us her experience of nature-based spirituality, its wisdom and rewards. She also hosts the Totally Witchin’ podcast, an empowerment show for crafting a peaceful, satisfying life by helping you tap into intuition, body wisdom, and spiritual guidance. To learn more or listen to Asha’s podcast, visit TotallyWitchin.com.

Mystery & Magick: Neopaganism and the Gifts of the Goddess

Let’s unravel the myths and fear around Wicca and Neo Paganism and take a look at the depth, presence and wisdom that can be learned from nature-based spirituality and honoring the archetype of the Goddess. ONLINE GATHERING via Facebook Livestream – 11amhttps://www.facebook.com/OneWorldSpiritualCenter/live_videos/*A Facebook account is not required to watch. We look forward to seeing you