Revolution and Renewal

We start this week with our series on Revolution and Renewal. Don’t you find that these concepts often go together? So often we don’t reach a new vision, a new understanding of ourselves, without life leading, or even pushing, us there. Other avenues exist as well – we know that change can be reactive or

“The Role of Compassion in Spiritual Growth,” with Iyabo Onipede
We were so pleased to welcome Iyabo Onipede, Co-Director of Compassionate Atlanta, to One World! Please enjoy as she shares her wisdom on the centrality of compassion in her spiritual journey and our own.

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Spirituality Unplugged

Sometimes, when you hear the word “unplugged”, you may immediately assume that means you’ve lost your juice. Your energy source is disconnected. But is that what really happens when we unplug? Or does the act of disconnecting from artificial and technological energy sources make you more plugged in to a deeper sense of connectedness, life

Radical Hospitality, with Leanne Rubenstein

What does it mean to be radically welcoming? We have control over our own home and can lead with a welcome mat for all. But does our behavior reflect the same graceful welcome? What about our place of work? Or our schools? Or our places of worship? How can they put out the radically inclusive

Compassion and Spiritual Growth, with Iyabo Onipede

Please join us as Iyabo Onipede, Co-Director of Compassionate Atlanta, explores the centrality of compassion in her spiritual journey and our own. CHILDREN’S PROGRAM AVAILABLE at Roswell location. LIVE STREAM AVAILABLE at 11:25 AM To watch via Facebook Live, tune in to our One World page at approximately 11:25 AM and click on the Live stream in our

Creating the New Age

The signs are everywhere – we are in the midst of an emerging global consciousness that will leave none of us the same. Wise observers call it the Second Axial Age – a time of rising awareness of our connection to each other and the world in which we live. It’s a time of religions