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CRN Volunteer Outreach

One World congregants have donated and volunteered for Children’s Restoration Network drives for many years now. We are blessed to have such a caring and generous congregation; and are grateful for the opportunity to serve together in support of this important work.

Click here to learn more about CRN’s Back to School campaign.

Children’s Restoration Network is a non-profit agency that has served homeless children and mothers in Atlanta for more than 25 years.

OUTREACH: CRN back to School Readiness Day

CRN needs volunteers for their annual Back to School Readiness day.  This is the day the children will get their new and filled book bags, health screenings, haircut, buffet meal, face painting, carnival games, and an overall stress free day of fun outside of their shelter/group home environment. We will help hand out backpacks to

OUTREACH: CRN Sort and Fill Book Bags Volunteer Day

CRN needs volunteers for their annual Back to School backpack drive. We will help sort and fill the new book bags with all of the school supplies that have been collected. This is a very good event, very organized and fun. It is a good opportunity to meet other volunteers with other communities Friday and Saturday  – July

Outreach: CRN Thanksgiving Food Drive Volunteer Day

CRN needs volunteers for Thanksgiving Food Drive.  We will help to sort and organize all of the food items dropped off so that they can be distributed to the homes that Children’s Restoration Network serves. Volunteers are needed for the following dates:  November 18, 19, 20 Times:  10:00 a.m. daily until finished Location: 11060 Alpharetta