"Peace, One Step at a Time" with Rev. Marylou Palmer ~ Sunday, March 7, 2021 at 11am EDT. Please join our livestream by clicking one of the links below.

New Beginnings

Join Rev. Melanie as we finish our series on New Beginnings and celebrate the spirit of spring calling us to begin a new with joyful enthusiasm and a vision of peace, prosperity and love . CHILDREN’S PROGRAM AVAILABLE at Roswell location. LIVE STREAM AVAILABLE at 11:25 AM To watch via Facebook Live, tune in to

A Season of Miracles

Hanukkah, the Festival of lights, began on December 2 and continues until sundown on December 10. This is a holy season for millions around the world, many of whom are looking for light in a landscape that seems to them all too dark.  Uncertainty about the future, regional conflicts, economic instability, environmental fears, problems on

You Can Do That!

As we study the wisdom of teachers and sages through the centuries, we see that many caution against the same very common misstep many of us make. That trap involves confusing illusion with reality, appearances with truth. We all do it, individually and collectively. Why does this matter? Because illusion leads us to pain and

Why do we so often doubt our own power and abilities? Our default position often is to slow down, tell ourselves it’s not really possible and someone else would do it better. It’s time to change that paradigm, and realize that we are powerful, we are able, and we are in the right and perfect position to make the difference only we can make. Let’s explore those practical spiritual principles and practices that open us up to the possibilities. It’s time to live large – you can do that!

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