"Your Twelve Steps" with Rev. Melanie Eyre, on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 11am EDT. Please join our livestream by clicking one of the links below.

About Asha

Asha Lightbearer is a gifted intuitive who brings us her experience of nature-based spirituality, its wisdom and rewards. She also hosts the Totally Witchin’ podcast, an empowerment show for crafting a peaceful, satisfying life by helping you tap into intuition, body wisdom, and spiritual guidance. To learn more or listen to Asha’s podcast, visit TotallyWitchin.com.

Essential Spirituality Class

Join us for a study of the book Essential Spirituality by Roger Walsh as we explore those perennial spiritual practices that enable us to live more peaceful and joyous lives. Over decades of research, Dr. Walsh found that each of the great spiritual traditions, in its own way, has developed different practices that help us