“The Road Less Traveled”

Considering all the differing and often conflicting perspectives of what is necessary, possible, sustainable, and ethical to establish and maintain responsible stewardship of the earth, is there a common denominator from which everyone can begin? And can we find it?

Speaker: Rev. Chris Kell

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About Asha

Asha Lightbearer is a gifted intuitive who brings us her experience of nature-based spirituality, its wisdom and rewards. She also hosts the Totally Witchin’ podcast, an empowerment show for crafting a peaceful, satisfying life by helping you tap into intuition, body wisdom, and spiritual guidance. To learn more or listen to Asha’s podcast, visit TotallyWitchin.com.

“To The Seventh Generation” with Rev. Melanie Eyre
Enjoy Rev. Melanie’s talk as we continue our series of indigenous spirituality. What can we do to treasure the heritage we pass on to generations to come, and what does it take to shift our thinking to such a paradigm?

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