“We’re All Making This Up – Letting Yourself Be Lived By Life”, with Brian Perry

We know you’ll enjoy this rich, wise and funny talk by Brian Perry, disclosing the not-so-well kept secret that we are all, in reality, just making this all up as we go. Spoiler alert – it’s the only way we open ourselves up to the wonder and the possibilities that are before us!

About Brian

Brian Perry is a singer-songwriter, speaker, author of “The Myth of Certainty…And Other Great News,” life coach, storyteller, voice-over artist and that guy who writes on the back of his car. Sharing his unique insights to ignite powerful shifts in perspective, his life’s calling is to help others find their power within and step into the fullness of their passions and most radiant selves.  To learn more, visit http://yesbrianperry.com.

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