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Where You Are, with Rev. Melanie Eyre (online only)

Our experience of the sacred does not wait on where we plan to go, or who we hope to be. It begins right now, based on exactly where and who we are. What a gift! (with Rev. Melanie) View Event


Community Meeting

One World Spiritual Center @ The Open Mind Center 1575 Old Alabama Road, #213, Roswell

(with Rev. Melanie Eyre; our gathering this week is in person and online) The Board is hosting a breakfast for the community on July 24, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. (and many thanks to Linda Wendt for volunteering to sponsor this event!) The purpose of the meeting is to discuss next steps for One World, and […]

Out of Chaos, Clarity, with Rev. Melanie Eyre (online only)

Have you noticed that change can be messy? That when our lives are in flux, we sometimes can't even begin to keep all the balls in the air? When we feel our lives descending into chaos, it may help to remember that creation can be an explosive business, but the end result can surprise¬† and […]