Gatherings for All Ages

Welcome to One World Spiritual Center, where we honor the many paths to God and your personal spiritual journey.

At One World Spiritual Center, our Sunday gatherings are a joyous celebration of our spiritual nature. Through message, music and prayer, we seek a direct experience of the Divine. Coming together with open hearts and minds, we explore teachings from the world’s major faith traditions, recognizing that Truth is found in many sources.

From One World’s pulpit, you will hear wisdom, humor, teachings from the world’s different faith traditions, science and story. Music is an important component of our Sunday experience and is incorporated throughout our service, simultaneously inspiring, soothing, and frequently rocking our community! Our children are included and are blessed during our service, honoring our commitment to youth as the future of our global community.

Prayer figures prominently in our time together. During our community prayer time, we pray with and for one another’s joys and concerns, aligning our thoughts and feelings with  Spirit as we affirm our good. We know, individually and as a community, that “thoughts and feelings held in mind produce after their kind.” During our community prayer we support each another in clarity of intention and action.

We invite you to experience Sundays at One World, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Sunday Morning Gatherings

Interspiritual Service  ~ 11 am, Sundays

Join us every Sunday as we come together to celebrate the energy of peace, love and joy through music, prayer, and a vibrant weekly message. Each week we grow together, share together, and witness together as we all grow in the presence and awareness of Spirit, Love, and Life. We look forward to seeing you at a service soon!

children wearing sunglasses lying with the heads together on the grassChildren’s Program ~ 10:30 am, Sundays

Each Sunday we offer our One World kids a chance to come together as a group to learn Universal Principals in a fun, age-appropriate setting–through arts and crafts, skits, song, dance, discussion, games and other activities. Our children are the future of humanity. They hold the key to peace on this planet. It is our goal to train them well to be compassionate, loving, supportive, accepting and cooperative beings and to help them understand they have the power to create a better world, starting now.

Discussion Groups & Other Events

circle of people multi colorsCommunity Circles ~ 7 pm, Wed Nights

Seasonal ~ Schedule & Location Varies

Join us as we learn, grow, and discuss together. Bring your questions and your open mind and join us for engaging and enlightening information and conversation on the week’s topic or occasionally on current events. Contact us for more information.


OWSC Social Events

Once you experience One World, you will quickly find that our members rapidly become like family. We are very connected an supportive of one another creatively and otherwise. We celebrate a variety of annual holiday parties together in private residences and also do regular social outings gathering at our band’s outside events, supporting a member’s book launch, or just hanging out playing trivia at a local pub.