Our Music

At One World, we love our band!

On any given week before service, you’ll hear them jammin’ a couple of jazz tunes while people mix and mingle and get seated. Then, when it’s time to roll, we open service with a couple of upbeat sing-along choruses that give you a chance to lift your voice and get motivated for your day.

Plus, we also have one or two feature songs each week from a variety of musical styles: jazz, pop, rock, folk, and an occasional country or reggae song. You name it, we play it!

So how is that possible if we’re playing “church music”? We like to expand our definition of church music WAY past the traditional scene. There is a lot of great popular music that’s been released over the years with amazing messages! From Nat King Cole to James Taylor to Nickelback, we’ve done it all. Each week, we do our best to bring you songs you know and love, but that you’ve perhaps never stopped to think about the lyrics and the underlying sentiment. And of course, we can’t help but throw in a few hidden gems here and there to introduce you to some wonderful songs that never made it to the limelight.

Come check us out for yourself.  If you’re a music lover, you might find One World is a great place to be on a Sunday morning for more reasons than you might have suspected.

Even though we’re no longer having services, you can still see our One World Band online on our YouTube account.

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