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We welcome you to One World Spiritual Center, a community of practical spiritual seekers committed to the truth that each of us can fashion a life of meaning, purpose and lasting joy. While our spiritual journey may be an individual one (aren’t they always?) we can grow, celebrate and share in community. Our mission is to help the nontraditional seeker find the sacred. Join us!

Sunday Service at 11:00 a.m.

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Sunday Kids Program @ 10:30 am every week – Secure online gathering

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An Interspiritual Center

At One World Spiritual Center, we believe in the questions. Why are we here? How should we live? What in life is important? How do I make a difference in my world? What makes me happy?

We ask these, and other, questions in our Sunday gatherings, classes, and small group discussions. Where do we go for answers? As an interspiritual community we learn from many different wisdom teachers, including the Buddha, Jesus, the Hindu sages, the Prophet Muhammad, Lao Tzu, Confucius, the Greek Stoics and Hebrew sages, as well as more current teachers who bring a modern consciousness to this ancient wisdom. Lastly, we incorporate …

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One Presence, Many Paths

We believe in one Divine Spirit, manifest in all creation;
We honor the world’s diverse faith traditions and take wisdom from each, believing there are many paths to the Divine and each reflects truth;
We believe that each one of us has the capacity, in this life, to experience ultimate reality;
We believe that we grow in awareness of our oneness with Spirit and each other through sacred service, joyful community and a contemplative practice that speaks to us;
We believe that, as co-creators with Divine Spirit, our thoughts, beliefs and actions shape our reality and our experience.

One World, One Heart

Spirituality: We realize both our spiritual and physical natures as the Divine expressing in, as and through us.
Acceptance: We honor the many paths to God and our own spiritual journey.
Inspiration: We waken and are alive with a joyful enthusiasm, celebrating that we are expressions of Spirit on earth.
Diversity: We celebrate and learn from the rich diversity of people, faiths and cultures that make up our communities.
Fun: We bring a playful, curious energy to everything we do. We learn, love and laugh together.

Discussion Groups and Classes

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Morning Meditation

Daily, Mon-Fri (online only)


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Community Circles

Wednesdays, Ongoing (in person and online)


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Fellowship & Roundtables (in person and online)

Immediately after each Sunday service

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Come visit our Interspiritual Community

Come join a truly warm and welcoming community of open, loving and accepting members. Whatever your spiritual path, you are welcome here! We can’t wait to meet you!

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One World Spiritual Center is an interspiritual church located in North Atlanta/Marietta/Roswell/Alpharetta sharing spiritual tools and practices from around the world, including new thought, interfaith teachings, mysticism, stoicism, Sufism and other perennial wisdom.