Thank you for a wonderful 10+ years of love and sharing!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since One World was first started. It’s been a wonderful journey of heartfelt exploration, communion and growing together, but the time has come to close our doors. So we leave you with a smile and a hug, some beautiful memories, and bright blessings on your path ahead.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our community — members, family, friends, guests, speakers, musicians, and other supporters and champions of our work. We touched a lot of people’s lives in a meaningful way, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We love you.
We bless you.
We appreciate you,
and we behold the divine
in each and every one of you.

Stay in Touch!

Some of our leaders and members may continue to host events after One World closes.

To stay in the loop on private classes, meditations, talks and other events being offered by former congregants, please join the One World Interspiritual Community Facebook Group.

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PS. Our YouTube videos will remain online. Save the channel to your favorites and enjoy!

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One Presence, Many Paths

We believe in one Divine Spirit, manifest in all creation;
We honor the world’s diverse faith traditions and take wisdom from each, believing there are many paths to the Divine and each reflects truth;
We believe that each one of us has the capacity, in this life, to experience ultimate reality;
We believe that we grow in awareness of our oneness with Spirit and each other through sacred service, joyful community and a contemplative practice that speaks to us;
We believe that, as co-creators with Divine Spirit, our thoughts, beliefs and actions shape our reality and our experience.

One World, One Heart

Spirituality: We realize both our spiritual and physical natures as the Divine expressing in, as and through us.
Acceptance: We honor the many paths to God and our own spiritual journey.
Inspiration: We waken and are alive with a joyful enthusiasm, celebrating that we are expressions of Spirit on earth.
Diversity: We celebrate and learn from the rich diversity of people, faiths and cultures that make up our communities.
Fun: We bring a playful, curious energy to everything we do. We learn, love and laugh together.