A Message From Melanie

April 16, 2022

Pesach Sameach – Happy Passover!  This festival of liberation and return began April 15, and continues until April 23.  We are also at the end of Holy Week in the Christian tradition as we approach Sunday’s Easter celebration of renewal and resurrection. And, this week we are in the midst of Ramadan, the Muslim festival which began on April 1 and continues through May 1. How wonderful it is that this time is a holy period for all three of the world’s Abrahamic faiths.

In addition to the holidays above, the Tamil New Year was celebrated on April 14. According to the Tamil-Hindu calendar, New Year named Subakrith has come in! This is the 36th named year in a cycle of 60 named years.  Subakrith (Sanskrit) means “Good Deeds” or “Auspicious Deeds”. Click this link to know more about Subakrith and how it is tradionally celebrated by Hindus of Tamilnadu, India (the state from which Muthu hails).  

Please join us tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for our celebratory gathering and brunch! Rev. Melanie’s talk is entitled “Celebrating Resurrection”, and our musical guest will be Jennifer Ferren. Our gathering will be in person at our regular venue, Mosaic Filmz, located at 11080 Old Roswell Road, Ste 105, Alpharetta GA 30009, at 11:00 am., and we’ll enjoy a wonderful breakfast courtesy of IHOP.  We’ll also be streaming the gathering online via You Tube and Facebook, so wherever you are please join us with your own delicious breakfast!  If you plan to attend in person, please let us know by email to info@oneworldspiritualcenter.net   We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you.

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