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Abundance Prayer - revAbundance surrounds and sustains us all the time. What is abundance? What does it look like? How does it feel? How do we embrace it for ourselves and for our community as a whole? And how do we give thanks for all that we are given each and every day?

We are blessed when we have resources enough to bring our gifts to the world. We trust and know, every day, that we are supported by Spirit, which is our source and our essence.

​Gratitude is the first step in attracting abundance into our lives. We are grateful for all we are given, and we recognize all the abundance that surrounds us. We celebrate friends, health, work, leisure, fun, as well as financial resources. When we open our eyes and hearts, we see so much that is offered to us.

We have committed to recognizing the unexpected abundance in our lives by giving 10% of any unexpected income we receive back to the spiritual source that feeds us. For us at One World, our 10% will go here, but if you are a member of another spiritual community we invite you to return your unexpected income to the source that feeds you!

We invite you to take some time each day to pray the Unexpected Abundance prayer. Then simply open up and allow yourself to receive the good that is offered to you in ways both new and old.

The program is simple, but powerful.

Amazing things can and do happen. Just be awake and aware as you go about your day. Pay attention to all of the good you receive every day, both great and small. Be grateful and giving, and your flow will keep on flowing.

For more information about the program, contact us.

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