Morning Meditation, May 11, 2020

Morning Meditation, May 11, 2020
Enjoy today’s meditation on gratitude, along with readings from the Native American and Zoroastrian traditions.

Morning prayer from Avesta Yasna 52:1-3:

I pray for the entire creation,

And for the generation which is now alive

And for that which is just coming into life

And for that which shall come thereafter.

I pray for that sanctity which leads to well-being

Which has long afforded shelter

Which goes on hand in hand with it

Which joins it in its walk

And of itself becoming its close companion

As it delivers forth its bidding.

Bearing every form of healing virtue which comes to us.

And so may we be blessed with the greatest,

And the best,

And most beautiful benefits of sanctity.

Aidun bad – so may it be.

From the Native American tradition:

Greetings and thanks to each other as people.
To the earth, mother of all greetings and thanks.
And from the four directions, the four winds,
thank you for purifying the air we breathe and giving us strength.
And now the sun, for the light of a new day.
And to the stars for their mystery, beauty and guidance.
To our teachers from all times,
reminding us of how to live in harmony.
And for all the gifts of creation, for all the love around us,
and for that which is forgotten, we remember, and we give thanks.

Have a wonderful day!

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