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One Month at The Open Mind Center

Well, we’ve been at The Open Mind Center about a month now and are really enjoying playing with the space to find the best layout for our services.  Here are a few more photos of our journey so far in the new building.  There’s not much better than the looks of joy and connection present in almost every photo. We truly are a blessed community.

Rev. Sydney Magill-Lindquist

During Reverend Sydney’s talk last Sunday, she told the story of a perfect storm that hit her life three years ago as several personal tragedies crashed down upon her simultaneously. She spoke very beautifully about journeying through her dark night of the soul and how the experience changed her life.As she shared her own story of struggle, release, and healing; she also shared this poignant excerpt from Carolyn Myss‘ book, Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason. 

“The “death and rebirth” archetype visits us all in small ways but sometimes it gathers momentum and sweeps through our life with great intensity, bringing several endings simultaneously; perhaps too many at once. In times like that, we may choose to cooperate with the cycle of death instead of the cycle of life, in which case we enter into the forces that lead us to our death. Conversely, we may choose to re-engage with the life cycle, to re-evaluate the purpose and meaning of our life and renew a commitment to living in a way free from the destructive patterns that have led us into this cycle. Such is the power of choice and the essence of the mystical cycle of death and rebirth.”

Thank you, Reverend Sydney, for being so vulnerable and for sharing your story.


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Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason

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New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss draws from her years as a medical intuitive to show that healing is not only physical; it is also a mystical phenomenon that transcends reason. Inspired by ordinary people who overcame a wide array of physical and psychological ailments from rheumatoi...

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Settling in at The Open Mind Center

We are loving our new space at The Open Mind Center. It’s cozy and comfortable, and a perfect location to continue our One World gatherings. Now, we begin the process of settling in to the new rooms and making it our new community home. With gratitude and thanksgiving we celebrate the opportunity to come together in this place; and we hold the intention of joyful expectancy as we prepare for the next chapter in the unfolding of our community. Spirit is good.

Dogwood Local Council Participates in the Unity World Day of Prayer

For the third year in a row, Dogwood Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess is attending the Unity World Day of Prayer held at the One World Spiritual Center in Marietta, GA. The event is a collaborative effort between Reverend Sydnety Linquist, Reverand Stephanie Seigh and the One World Spiritual Center community. Members of a variety of faiths are invited