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“Writing our Stories”, with Rev. Melanie Eyre
Memorial Day weekend is the time we remember our national story of heroism, courage and loss as we honor those who lost their lives in service to our country. What can we take away about the importance of story as we build better communities, a more just and compassionate world? How do our stories unite us in community, and how will our future stories read?

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Love In Action

On February 3, 1943, 76 years ago last Sunday, the troop transport USS Dorchester was traveling in a convoy of three ships from New York to Greenland, carrying approximately 900 men. The ship’s captain had been alerted that Coast Guard sonar had detected a submarine, and the ship’s crew was on a state of high

You Can Do That!

As we study the wisdom of teachers and sages through the centuries, we see that many caution against the same very common misstep many of us make. That trap involves confusing illusion with reality, appearances with truth. We all do it, individually and collectively. Why does this matter? Because illusion leads us to pain and